All our products are created in dialogue between our team in London and skilled partners around the world – a network of farmers, weaving mills, yarn specialists, knitting factories and garment makers who we grow closer to with each new collaboration.


 Our Italian yarn supplier sources wool from farms that can prove that the animals in their care are well provided for and free from discomfort or harm. In addition, these farms practice strict land management and environmental conservation.
Tollegno 1900 uses energy generated by solar panels and water turbines powered by the Alpine river that runs alongside its walls. All the water used in the dyeing and finishing of the wool is purified and returned to its source, and 40% is reused, which reduces the mill’s total water consumption.
The Miroglio Group has long been a believer in the value of sustainable growth, controlling every step of the supply chain. Its Global Recycled Standard certifies products obtained from recycled materials, its Organic Blended Content Standard recognises the content of organically grown materials, the Responsible Wool Standard addresses the welfare of sheep and land on which they graze, while their work with the Forest Stewardship Council promotes the responsible management of the world’s forests. 
The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification is the worldwide best known voluntary “ecological-label” for textile products and accessories. This label guarantees that textile products do not release substances harmful to human health and are safe from an ecological point of view.
In addition, all our garments are made in the UK. The UK factories offer fair wages, socially distanced working conditions and standard working hours. Our factories are visited regularly and we aim to help boost the UK manufacturing industry as our brand evolves.