Angela Barker-Blundell, founder, created Cncrt - London clothing in 2021 to meet a requirement for timeless and enduring sustainable products, designed to last forever. CNCRT is short for Concrete, as this collection has been created to build the foundation of your wardrobe for you then to create structure around these timeless, staple wardrobe pieces.
The collection is inspired by the desire to ‘slow down’ our lives, to pause for a moment and think about how we are treating our planet and what we can do to protect it. Cncrt - London is a keen supporter of manufacturing in the UK, an ambassador for sustainability and dedicated to combatting fast fashion.

We care so much about our future environment that we have partnered with Ecologi, a company who is focused on planting up to 1.7 billion trees by 2030. Using data from the Carbon Estimator, our 1.7 billion trees will remove approximately 314,233,899 tCO2e from the atmosphere over a 30-year lifetime. This is equivalent to removing the annual emissions from 68 million cars. Concrete-London confirms that for every sale you make on our website, we will fund the planting of a tree on your behalf so you are personally contributing towards helping to further grow our environment and make a positive impact on our future.