We've caught up with über stylish digital creator and all round super lovely Simona Snarskis as she wears Cncrt London for the first time.

Simona is a London based premium digital content creator with a modern and elegant sense of style and a global following on instagram.
She creates and covers daily inspiring fashion, beauty and lifestyle content and has a passion for travel. She lives in London with her husband Gus.

Top: Piano crew neck sweater
Bottoms: Meier cuffed track pants (both in colour Oyster)

1/ Do you think loungewear is here to stay? 
I have no doubt that loungewear is a lot more appreciated nowadays. I personally work from home wearing loungewear, go to the shops in it, sometimes even go for casual dinner in it. Comfort is coming back more than ever and I’d be surprised to hear that someone doesn’t agree with me.
2/ Is sustainability important to you when you select brands to wear or to work with?
Sustainability is one of the 3 most important factors that I consider when purchasing. First goes the quality and what the garments are made of, then how long lasting it will be in my wardrobe, another bonus is if the clothing is made from sustainable sourced materials. It is beautiful to see that more and more brands are getting involved into this message and I’m always prioritising brands like this.
  3/ What is more important comfort or style?
It’s a tough question for me to answer because fashion is my work. I always try to combine both things. I don’t follow the trends blindly and always invest into timeless style like Cncrt London. When it comes to comfort, my style has majorly shifted towards this after the pandemic and my wardrobe has never been more grateful for it!

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