A Q&A with Angela Blundell, Founder of Concrete London Ltd

We caught up with Angela Blundell, Founder of Concrete London for a Q&A on all things she loves, 12 questions to get to know her:

1 - What is your favorite style to wear from the collection
Definitely the Gaudi dress in Obsidian. (wearing in main picture)
I love the ballooned sleeves and extra long cuffs. So flattering on my arms. I love the neck detail and the fact that it is a relax fit dress so just hugs your hips. 

2 - Who is your fashion role model?
Rei Kawakubo from Commes des Garçons. She has been my role model since I was 16. Her style is simple but so engaging, dramatic but effortless.

3 - What do you always have in your bag?
Eyeliner. Cannot live without it!

4 - What are your fave shoes?
White Common Project low rise trainers. There is something to be said about having pure crisp white trainers. They are so comfortable and well designed. I wear them nearly every day and they are everlasting.
5 - Who influenced you to work in fashion? ...
Grace Jones and Thierry Mugler (I was an 80’s teenager!) Grace Jones was such a great influence to me in the 80’s. She is a talented model, singer and artist and I loved her androgynous look. She really influenced my style during those times. Thierry Mugler really accentuated and exaggerated the structure of the female form which to me in the 80’s was such a great look. I have utilised some of those ideas through my clothes but in a more subtle way. The overextended ribbing on the hem and cuffs to flatter the silhouette, the beautiful detailing on the shoulders. I don’t compare my clothing to him but accentuating parts of a silhouette to compliment a shape is important to me.
6 - What is your favourite store in london? Abroad?
The Japan House in High Street Kensington in London for its absolute detail in design for everything Japanese. To me it is a museum of beautiful Japanese art just as much as a shop.
10 Corso Como, Milan. A mixture of fashion design, vintage design, art, installations, cafe, restaurant (that does the best seared tuna with wasabi dip!) all creatively curated to create a full lifestyle living experience. They have collaborated with the likes of Rei Kawakubo. I haven’t visited there due to the pandemic, but it is top of my list when we can travel for leisure again.
7 - desert island item?
A photo of my Mum on her motorised bike in India in 1955.
This image is one of my favourites of my Mum when she was free spirited teenager living in India. She was 17 and had just got engaged to my Dad who was her first and only love. Her bicycle had a motor attached to it so thinking this was the first makings of motorised bikes that we see now!

8 - favourite fashion designer?
Alexander Mc Queen. He was the most talented designer. His attention to detail in everything thing he created, and with so much dedication to fuse art, architecture and fashion in everything he did was absolutely stunning. A true visionary
9 - favourite building in the world?
Falling Water in Pennsylvania, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
This would be my dream home! Combining the sound of running water, which is so therapeutic to listen to (I was born and brought up by the sea) is so calming. It was built over a waterfall, and is comprised of structural concrete and wood. Frank Lloyd Wright also designed furniture to aesthetically fit into his architectural planning. This building compliments the natural surroundings as it almost blends in with nature as Frank Lloyd Wright wanted.
10 - your contribution to “save the planet” is?
We plant trees for every purchase on our website. As of 2022, we will pledge to plant a tree for every single piece we sell, whether it be from our website or other channels. We have partnered with Ecologi to plant trees for every website purchase but for 2022, we will extend this to every purchase made across all channels. Ecologi have planted 21 million trees this year and they have reduced CO2 emissions by over 1 million tonnes in the past year. We plan to continue to add to this to help save our environment from further damage.

12 - what would you like for Christmas to receive and to give?
to receive- some new trainers and just great company from my family. My Dad and sister are spending Christmas with us which will be very special as we have not spent Christmas together for over 2 years due to illness and COVID.

to give: anything that makes my sons smile. They are not the easiest to buy for but they have so much respect for anything they recieve, I just love seeing those smiles on their faces when they open presents. I have also bought my fiancé some presents which I hope he likes which is not on his Xmas list so fingers crossed he likes them and he still wants to marry me next year!
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